What’s Up, Whittier?

EPISODE 30: KALE & CHOLESTEROL with Leeba Lessin & Gio Alonso

August 3, 2017


This week Remo is in the back washing dishes and Jessie interviews Lebba Lessin & Gio Alonso from Auntie's Bakery, Lift Roasters, and Bailey's Juicery! Learn more about Leebs herself, Whittier's very own communal table, and the best darn pie form your favorite Auntie!


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Community Corkboard:

Whittier Farmer’s Market
What: Farmer’s Market
When: Every Friday 8 am- 1 pm
Where: Corner of Philadelphia & Bright 

Concerts in the Park
When: Monday, August 7- The Trip with Classic Rock music at 7pm
Where: Central Park, corner of Friends & Bailey in Uptown
More Info: The event is free! Support local vendors at the concert!

Whittier Young Entreprenuers Presents...
When: Friday, August 4 at 5pm
Where: Whittier Brewing Co, 13002 Philadelphia St
More Info: Entry fee is a $25 kit for Whittier Nonprofit Concept 7 Foster & Adoption Agency. 

Wednesday Night Stroll & Art Scene
When: August 9 from 5pm- 9pm
Where: All throughout Uptown in various storefronts
More Info: Stop by Pour Le Bain, 6721 Greenleaf Ave for an Art Stroll Map

Forkin Good: After Dark
When: August 13 at 5pm-late
Where: Forkin' Good, 6744 Greenleaf Ave
More Info: Unlitmited food & drink at $35! 
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Eat Uptown Food Festival
When: Saturday, September 30 at 1pm or 3 pm unitl 6 pm
Where: Nixon Plaza, 13006 Philadelphia St
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